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Description:  The site offers home typists positions for full time, part time and business owner positions.  The pay range is between $25-$175 per typing assignment. 

Start Up Cost: Part Time Registration – $29.99, Fulltime Registration – $59.99, Business Owner Registration – $89.99

One time Fee Or Monthly:  One Time Fee

Review Style:  (Pros and Cons)


Low To High Registration Cost

– You can get started for a little as $29.99. This is a one time fee that gives you access to tons of training information, software tools and of course your daily assignments. The assignments pay between $25 – $45 for the lowest level.  The highest level or business owner level pays between $100 – $175.  The company advertised that they pay you for training.   The cost for completing their training assignment which takes about about an hour is $10.

Back Office Video Training

– The back office training videos are large and easy to follow. They walk you through completing your assignments and show you how to use shortcuts to finish the tasks quickly. The assignments are sent from the home typist to the company by email.  The home typist gets the assignments by logging into a back office and selecting the assignments.  Some assignments are sent to the home typists by email.

Weekly Pay 

– The company pays out every Friday. So if you start working on Thursday and finish that same day, you get paid the very next day. No waiting period. Your check will be cut and mailed or your payment will be deposited into your paypal account.  The preferred option would be Paypal so you can access the money faster with Paypal Debit card. However, if you want to save money on transactions fees, just wait for the check.


Registration Fee

Lets face it, no one wants to pay a registration fee. It’s kind of an old school tactic on their part to get extra money, but what i have come to realize is that they use the money to market for more assignments for their home typists.  I guess if you are serious about doing this and you’re makin money, you’ll pay the fee and move forward.  After you complete the training assignment and your first assignment, you’re in the profits.  I think the misconception is that this is not a job.  No interviews here, not submitting soc. security numbers and no goofy uniforms.  It’s a business opportunity and you’re paying them to get you the assignments.  We all know that most businesses don’t see a profit for a few months if not years.  So, in the short run it’s definitely a con, but maybe a necessary one.

Weekly Pay

Ok I know I listed this as a Pro earlier, but lets face it, in internet time a week is a long time to wait. I like getting my money immediately.  Alright, it may be better than those programs that pay every 2 weeks or one a month, but I’m greedy.  I like my money in my pocket ASAP.  But that’s just me.

The Assignments

There maybe a lazy streak in me, but i don’t like to really work at anything.  Completing the assignments will require actual typing work such as article writing, bookmarking, and giving your take on a company or program.  Sure they pay well, but I’m a true affiliate marketer, so i would be more inclined to do their free affiliate marketing programs over the actual typing work.  But I suppose if you’re not good an affiliate marketing, then typing articles isn’t a bad gig.  Still I give that a con.  🙂

That concludes my review.  It’s a good way to make money, but you’d have to weigh the pros and cons to determine if its a good fit for you. “ MakeMoneyOnlineToday.TV

By makemoneyonlinetodaytv

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